Tech Spec “The Lock”

//Tech Spec “The Lock”

Tech Spec “The Lock”

Tech Spec as been around for a long time as a company and I had the pleasure of meeting Dean right at the start of his professional journey at a Keigwin’s track day when he was letting riders try the product. His company has become established as an innovator and a go to product all over the world. Dean’s taken a long time to develop products that work so this new system “The Lock” is another evolution in the Tech Spec product design range.


VFR Race bike:Dean sent me the C3+ for the GForce VFR428 race bike. The surface seems hard initially when you feel it, but it changes texture with heat and soften slightly. The tank was very carefully prepped with cleaner so there was no polish in place, and the center of the dumbbell section was marked to match the center line of the tank. It was cold in the Leo Vince workshop so the tank was warmed with a heat gun prior to applying the dumbbell section. The backing paper removes quickly so then you need calm hands to apply the section.

Don’t panic if you get it wrong. The beauty of Deans design is that it can be removed and repositioned many many times until you have it perfect. Once the dumbbell section was correctly positioned, we set the tank knee pad section 15mm forward of the end of the dumbbell as a starting point.

On the track, the gap between the dumbbell and the knee pad proved to be too great with my leathers getting “snagged” on the outer edge – in truth it was the sensation of feeling them cross the leading edge of the knee pad forcing my leg to adjust – and that created too much of a distraction for me. The gap was reduced to 10mm and that proved to be a much better interval with no issues at all in leg adjustments during corner entry and with transitions through corners. You’ll need to find your own gap between the dumbbell and tank pad. Be meticulous and get it right!


CBR250RR race bike:

Those lessons learned on the VFR were then immediately added to the CBR race bike which had a more felt like material surface. This material has quite a bit more give in it than the C3+ and to me it “felt” (no pun intended) that I had a much better feel on my thigh and knee of what the bike was doing through the pad going in and during the corners. There was no loss of lock grip at all wit this different material.

On track, the concept of The Lock is to give you constant and consistent grip as you move around the tank. Normally you slide around the paint on the tank going from grip pad to grip pad so if you are a little careless you can accelerate the body position change until you reach the opposite tank pad by sliding on the paint. That can create handling issues that you have to mitigate there and then. The Lock as a concept is certainly sensible as a thought process, and easily proved when using it at the first AFM weekend at Button Willow.

The result while on track was what I expected. A consistent level of grip no matter where you were positioned on the tank and that led to one very important thing that I could do almost immediately – trust that I was locked in and focus on skill execution. So much so that I won the AFM 250 Superbike race and came 2nd in the AFM 450 Superbike race.

“The Lock” is typical of Dean’s attention to detail, engineering and a another winning product. Can you get better than that?

Contact Tech Spec today at  and tell them I sent you 🙂

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