Nitron Race Shock fitment (based in the UK)

//Nitron Race Shock fitment (based in the UK)

Nitron Race Shock fitment (based in the UK)

Sunday June 3rd, Thunderhill Race way Park, CA USA

Nitron Race shock, packaged with factory hand book and preload tool.



Spring rate: 631nm
Installed preload unknown
Current preload setting at 21 clicks in from full soft
High speed compression 8 clicks out
Low speed compression 10 clicks out
Ride height +2.5mm
Shock length 295mm
Shock builder: S. Maskell
Factory service internal recommendation at 12 – 18,000 miles

Fork settings:

Fork height at +2mm
Fork preload 4 turns in (1.0kg springs)
Fork rebound 14 clicks out
Fork compression 5 clicks out
Gearing: one tooth down on the countershaft sprocket, stock chain


2009 R1



The previous shock was a Yacugar competition shock. Once the top and bottom bolts were removed, the shock came straight out of the R1. In trying to put the Nitron shock in, the Leo Vince Corsa system caught the remote preload adjuster hose and reservoir end cap. I removed the chain guard and shock protector plate and then removed the left side exhaust (one spring and one 6mm allen bolt). Total time 2 minutes – easy work.

The bushings gave a little trouble:

  1. Tolerance is loose so they fall out easily and the o-ring groove could be a little deeper
  2. The upper o-rings are thick and to mount the upper the bushings need to be pushed firmly together
  3. The lower mount was a perfect fit but again the bushing kept falling out easily

Once the shock was in the upper mount the top bolt was put in first. The bottom bolt was next requiring movement of the swing arm to align the bolt holes and both were tightened to specs. BE CAREFUL: the top bolt and bottom bolts are different lengths on this bike!!!!

the chain and shock guard were mounted and the rear wheel put in.

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