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//MOTO-D inner suit

MOTO-D inner suit

Scott gave me a call asking me to test out a couple of his products – the first being an inner suit. Until that call I had dismissed inner suits as just another fad choosing other clothing instead like t-shirts under my suit. Getting my suit on was never a problem, nor was it too much aggravation taking it off. We all struggle with sweaty skin and grippy t-shirts – and now I realize the folly of such behavior.

The Moto-D inner suit is simple and easy to use. Stirrups for the feet and an easy sizing system. The suit goes on easily enough on the legs and takes a little more care with the arms and shoulders before zipping up. I like the fact that the zipper has 2 ends for those bathroom visits too – a nice touch.

Getting in my leather suit was quicker than I expected when my legs slid in. Normally I will battle with my calf muscles to get the lower leg in the right spot, but one movement and the leg zip closed. I was honestly quite surprised how quickly I was into my suit compared to the “old way” and with a lot less sweat and energy expended. There’s a lot to be said for having a non ruffled state of mind before throwing a leg over, and I was no where near as worked up once I mounted the OTT GSXR.

I thought that the benefits would only be getting in and out of the suit – but I was a mile off. As you’ve seen from the video’s produced I can really feel what is happening on and around the bike, and I could actually feel my arms and legs move in the leathers rather than pull the suit in every movement. Talk about more brain space being available for skill execution – wow, I didn’t realize just how much this type of product has to offer while riding, and for me this was the most unexpected and profound benefit.

Getting out of the leathers was as easy as getting in, and no help was needed with an arm tug or shoulder heave even with the back protector in place. No more cursing and 20 arm gyrations to get the suit off.

I’m a convert. I wear it every time I ride and not just on the track – every time I wear my leathers.

Join me on a live narration ride as we take a few laps with the Moto_D suit on at Thunderhill Raceway Park:

Check out Scott’s home page and product range here:

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