FasterClass: Manufacturer Tire Pressures

Manufacturer Recommended Tire Pressures. Dave spends hours and hours every week answering questions about this (via email and social media). Here’s a primer.

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  1. jacobpius June 11, 2018 at 8:42 am - Reply

    Thank you.. I did try different pressure range on my Motorcycle.. what i Had found was the Lowest pressure ; that gives poor front end steering and lean and confidence..
    motorcycle is use is KTM 390 RC. and the upper limit where the front steers easy but lacks confidence n grip at Higher pace… (michelin ilot street)

    how do i determine the ideal gain in PSI for front and rear for “street riding and on tour….”
    since i am measured just 2psi gain for rear and 1 psi in front (street riding for 40 min one way) and 1PSI gain front and rear when riding for 3hrs at 50MPH (max speed)…

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