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Ask Dave: Brake & Clutch Lever Shapes

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We see all sorts of sizes and shapes of these levers bike to bike, even side to side on the same bike. And then there's the whole aftermarket with shorty levers, etc blah etc. Dave explains what to look for in evaluating and adjusting what you have, and what to look for if you're shopping [...]

2 Clicks Out: Shock Static Sag

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Static or Free Sag is more critical for the rear of the bike than for the front because you're essentially sitting atop the shock. Here we present the full shock static sag spectrum; none, some, just right, and too much. Freemium Video.  Enjoy.  To view Premium content, please Subscribe or Login. [...]

2 Clicks Out: Shock Rebound Too Fast

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When shock rebound is out of adjustment it is most commonly too fast, for 2 reasons. First, it seems the factory shock rebound settings of most bikes off the showroom floor is set too fast to begin with. Why? Nobody knows. Second, as the shock ages with mileage the oil thins which speeds up the [...]

Ask Dave: Geometry & Environment

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A street environment has different demands from a track environment. You can get a better ride by optimizing suspension setup and geometry for each. For example, track setups can be torture on the street, and street setups horribly inadequate (even dangerous) for the track. Freemium Video.  Enjoy.  To view Premium content, [...]