Tank grip pads

//Tank grip pads

Tank grip pads

There are many tank grip products out on the market, but I’ve been a loyal and ardent supporter of Dean and his company. I recall when Dean first came to the track to show his product and was struck by the fact that the pads were not magnetic, but that glue held them in place. Hang on, how can they be moved from bike to bike? What kind of adhesive is that to allow not only transfer between bikes but placement changes on the tank to match the riders knee position?

I’ve been proud to use Dean’s products and evangelize them based on my own experience over years of track days and 10’s of 1,000’s of track miles. My leathers don’t get holes in them nor do they get covered in glue when the tank temps get scorching hot! Dean’s grips stay in place no matter what I do or if I change my knee or thigh position during braking or cornering! The product is cut perfectly for every application and the rounded edges ensure you don’t snag a corner and pull the grip off the tank.

Take a few laps with me and see what I mean: http://youtu.be/jhboLvyVX8g

For a product application chart, go to their website: http://www.techspec-usa.com/

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