Qatar, Dunlop 6757 compound

//Qatar, Dunlop 6757 compound

Qatar, Dunlop 6757 compound

Dunlop 195 rear, date code 5011, compound 6757.

2012 BMW S1000RR

The massive tire tearing issues at Losail were consistent with almost all riders irrespective of pace or make of bike. The first thing to fix is carcass temps, so we started with 1.5bar, then as the track and day warmed up depending on ability moved to 1.6, 1.65 and 1.7 bar hot off the track to manage tire carcass temps correctly. Front all wore perfectly at 2.3 bar off the warmers.

Bar to psi = x 14.7

Test Case: Abdulrahman

First issue to deal with was hydraulics. In this case the shock was a TTX (8.5kg) with settings of preload 8 turns in from soft, rebound and compression at 21 clicks out. I changed the hydraulic settings to 16/16 respectively and that helped clean the tire up a lot. Why? The bike was originally being held up by the spring with no valving assist so with 195bhp on tap, it crushed the spring and then hammered the outside 1/3rd of the tire. Rear pressure was also bumped to 1.6 bar.

With knowing this was the right direction to go preload was softened to 6.75 turns in to allow the spring and valving to work together to de-stress the edge of the tire. Carcass temps maintained a reasonable range, but rebound seemed a little slow so it was backed off to 17 clicks out. Heat was also being gained by the track so rear pressure was bumped to 1.65bar off the warmers.

The final picture you saw was after 40 laps. At Losail, 50 laps and the tire has to be turned around to get the rest of the day out of it. At the end of the day Abdulrachman have over 60 laps on the tire and was going to flip it for the next day.

In using this process, bikes belonging to Khalid (set a new personal best), Mohammed (got 72 laps out of the rear), Bater and Hammid had absolutely perfect tire wear by the end of the day and now have the ability to use 1 rear tire instead of 2 or 3 each day. That’s an enormous saving in Qatar. The other bonus? Riders trusted their bikes, let go of them and focused on skilled execution which reduced lap times and more importantly made those lap times very easy to acquire through being very comfortable with and on the bike.


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