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We all find our way to a one piece suit sooner or later. Hopefully sooner. If you are very fortunate that you get one off the rack as your body is somewhat a standard size, good on you. For the rest of us non standard misfits, we end up with a custom suit. That requires measurements and often times that means getting the help of another to compile all the data points that are required, and then redo everything 3 times to make sure the measurements are correct!


Scott makes sure that the measurements needed are very clear with picture and text, so there’s no getting it wrong. Take your time, re-check everything before you send it in. Questions? Scott is more than happy to help with answers as he WANTS to make sure that the suit you get fits you perfectly. ASK!!!!!!! I found the measuring process to be very easy and straight forward that Scott provides. With the help of Deb Barton (“Celeb Deb”, multi-time F3 Champion with AFM), we got it all done in just about 40 minutes. You might take a little longer.

One measurement to note:- when taking measurements for the shoulders, measure the shoulder joint bone ridge and add 1″ on each side if you want a relaxed fit in the shoulders.

When you get the new suit, pick a warm day and step in a hot shower for several minutes with inner suit, back protector etc all on. Make sure the suit is completely wet through, then wear it for the next 3-4 hours to let it naturally dry. I showered at Queensland raceway as soon as I could in the morning and kept the suit on all morning. I made sure I wasn’t dripping on the track……… The shower helps get the suit wet, the leather expand and then let it dry to your shape and size. Much better than pouring acidic sweat into the suit over and over as part of the break in process! I showered again in the afternoon as the torso was still a little tight so I kept the suit on until I had to take it off at the end of the day.

My suit was still snug across the shoulders by the end of the day, so I will be getting the upper body soaking wet when I get back on a bike or have the opportunity to do it outside of the track. I’ll repeat that process until the suit is fitting comfortably. The process of wearing and drying at Queensland Raceway was well worth the discomfort and steaming that took place while I was riding Jim Murphy’s Superbike City Suspension R1 (located in Brisbane). As each session went on, the suit fit better for both walking around and then getting on and off the bike and riding at pace. It is still a ways away from fitting right, but then with only one ride, that makes sense. Updates will come over the course of 2014 on how the suit is wearing and holding up over the long term, so the next update will be most probably in New Zealand in February, so stay tuned!

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