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Tech Spec “The Lock”

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Tech Spec as been around for a long time as a company and I had the pleasure of meeting Dean right at the start of his professional journey at a Keigwin’s track day when he was letting riders try the product. His company has become established as an innovator and a go to product all [...]

Tank grip pads

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There are many tank grip products out on the market, but I’ve been a loyal and ardent supporter of Dean and his company. I recall when Dean first came to the track to show his product and was struck by the fact that the pads were not magnetic, but that glue held them in place. [...]

Ducati Panigale Tricolor test

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Thunderhill Race way Park  May 28th 2012 Panigale Tricolor   Our rider was 185lbs, therefore sag wasn’t changed based on the Nola information posted in the last Panigale test. However riding style was very different indeed between the two riders as the bike is owned by a Keigwin’s at the Track instructor who is capable [...]

Ducati Panigale standard

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Panigale standard   Features and settings Fork caps: –       are “extended” to allow additional fork positioning over stock to allow greater rake and trail range –       preload adjuster is sunk inside the cap   Fork Preload –       17mm socket for an anodized adjuster –       initial impression of stiff springs   Fork rebound –       4mm allen [...]

MV F3 800 Design Corse GP shift upgrade

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For those of us that have to move between standard road shifting patterns of 1 down and 4 or 5 up to our track/race bikes of 1 up and the rest down, blonde moments can be very, very expensive indeed when you screw up between shifting patterns on the bike for you, the bike or [...]


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For many riders here in the US, the long wait for the KTM 390 cup bike is over. So much to look forward to, so many expectations, so many dreams……… I had the honor of going through the M-Factory West bike at Laguna on Sunday and thanks TZ Mike [...]

Ducati Panigale S model

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Ducati Panigale 2012 S Model test at Thunderhill Race way Park, CA 5/22/12 Ambient temp 85F, track temps 115F Bike owner: Alfonso Loera at 170lbs 300 miles on the odometer, OEM tires, no gearing changes. Bike set in SPORT mode for the day.   Chassis: Forks set at stock height, no geometry change (+8mm) Fork [...]

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