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VFR800 and Leo Vince slip ons plus Power Commander 5

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My daily ride needed to be unleashed and the V4 allowed to breathe. I acquired the twin Leo Vince slip on cans that took about 20 minutes to install while fighting around the license plate holder which we were too lazy to remove (the stock exhaust was quickly off with just a couple of bolts [...]

QD slip on exhaust fitment process to an MV F3 800

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As with any job to be done, prepare a clean area to work in, aggregate the tools needed and TAKE YOUR TIME. As components come off, put all the bolts in place so you know where everything goes during the installation process.   NOTES: the threaded clips move up and down on the mount tabs, [...]

Leo Vince Italia series

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What does the slip on sound like? Inserts in:   Wide open!   Applications to date: 8815L 8185B - SBK YAMAHA YZF R1 (07-08) 8816L SBK YAMAHA YZF R6 (06-12) 8817L SBK SUZUKI GSX-R 600 (08-10)/ GSX-R 750 (08-10) 8818L SBK SUZUKI GSX-R 1000 (07-08) 8819L SBK SUZUKI GSX-R 1300 HAYABUSA (08-12 8911L [...]

Yacugar Shock Fitment

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YACUGAR SHOCK FITMENT TO A 2009 YAMAHA R1 Why do we want to change out the stock shock for a more expensive replacement? Normally we are looking for added hydraulic features to provide greater adjustability and improve ride quality. In most cases, that isn’t the case with sport bikes as they have all the adjustability [...]

The Slacker digital sag checker

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Measuring sag is the first task most discerning motorcyclists have in understanding what happens to their bike under its own weight and then with the rider on. That normally involves a minimum of two people so either you trust their math or you find someone your own weight to sit on the bike for you [...]

Nitron Race Shock fitment (based in the UK)

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Sunday June 3rd, Thunderhill Race way Park, CA USA Nitron Race shock, packaged with factory hand book and preload tool. Specs: Spring rate: 631nm Installed preload unknown Current preload setting at 21 clicks in from full soft High speed compression 8 clicks out Low speed compression 10 clicks [...]