Contact Patch: Ninja 300 stresses the front tire

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Laura rides a Kawasaki Ninja 300. After a basic suspension tune she went faster, of course. Her increased pace created an issue with her front tire. Such are the trials of going faster. Just another first world problem. Freemium Full Video Want to see the full video? [...]

2 Clicks Out: When Geometry Matters

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In this episode Dave encounters some next level issues, one involving shock compression and the other involving front end geometry. Sometimes a bike's geometry out of the box is spot on, and sometimes not so much. The patients here just happen to be Kawasaki Ninja's, a ZX-10R and a ZX-6R, but other brands have produced [...]

2 Clicks Out: Finding Fork Bottom Out

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Regardless of the bike you ride or where you ride it, knowing where your forks bottom out and whether you're close to doing so is vital to remaining helmet side up. It's a simple thing to determine, measure, and monitor especially if you are trying to set sag to know where you are for your [...]

2 Clicks Out: Michelin Cold Tear & R6 Geometry

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Another R6 enters Dave's clinica mobile for treatment. While the most common 600 raced in America, each seems uniquely altered in search of some outside-the-box magic. Or maybe it's just random wrenching. This one is also shod with Michelin slicks suffering a cold tear, and stubbornly so. "Heal me..." it moaned softly. [...]

Qatar, Dunlop 6757 compound

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Dunlop 195 rear, date code 5011, compound 6757. 2012 BMW S1000RR NOTE: The massive tire tearing issues at Losail were consistent with almost all riders irrespective of pace or make of bike. The first thing to fix is carcass temps, so we started with 1.5bar, then as the track and day warmed up depending [...]