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Galfer G1375 “White” brake pads for track and race day performance

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Galfer 1375 Brake Pad Long term test report It has been several track days and over 1500 miles so how do they perform now? We become used to brake pad performance as the pads wear and adapt our braking accordingly, so it is worth taking a few laps to see how much adapting we have [...]

Acossato master cylinder

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The Suzuki GSXR front brake master cylinder is fine for the street to meet commuting and a relaxed pace through the twisties to keep you safe and have a high level of enjoyment. When you head to the track for much more aggressive behavior, the Nissin is not renown for outright braking performance. Upgrading this [...]

Yacugar Shock Test

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YACUGAR, THUNDERHILL RACEWAY PARK DATE: 6/12/2011 TEMP: 73F ambient, surface at 98F BIKE:  2009 Yamaha R1, 5,800 miles on the odometer lap 1 straight line braking and acceleration lap 2 trail braking and mid corner throttle lap 3 corner exit acceleration lap 4, fast lap at 90% Once the 6 laps were completed, the in [...]

Yacugar Shock Fitment

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YACUGAR SHOCK FITMENT TO A 2009 YAMAHA R1 Why do we want to change out the stock shock for a more expensive replacement? Normally we are looking for added hydraulic features to provide greater adjustability and improve ride quality. In most cases, that isn’t the case with sport bikes as they have all the adjustability [...]

The Slacker digital sag checker

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Measuring sag is the first task most discerning motorcyclists have in understanding what happens to their bike under its own weight and then with the rider on. That normally involves a minimum of two people so either you trust their math or you find someone your own weight to sit on the bike for you [...]

Nitron Race Shock fitment (based in the UK)

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Sunday June 3rd, Thunderhill Race way Park, CA USA Nitron Race shock, packaged with factory hand book and preload tool. Specs: Spring rate: 631nm Installed preload unknown Current preload setting at 21 clicks in from full soft High speed compression 8 clicks out Low speed compression 10 clicks [...]

Moto-D Pro series one temp tire warmers

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The last tire warmer test was of the Moto-D adjustable temp series. For 2013 there’s the single temp warmers at a bargain of $299. Handcrafted PRO-Series Tire Warmers featuring Carbon Wiring 25% Faster & Hotter Heatups (vs. traditional Copper Wired Warmers) (80’C / 185’F HOT) Includes an EVA Zippered Carry Case and Two (2) Year No Hassle “Burnout Proof” [...]

MOTO-D Pro Series tire warmers

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Are tire warmers really all the same, other than thermostat control options? Of course not if you look at the manufacturers details carefully and then use the product. With today’s track and race tires, tire warmers are a great investment in both reducing heat cycles to a minimum daily and also by assisting with blocking [...]