Welcome to Dave Moss Tuning

Dave’s mission is to ensure that every motorcyclist anywhere in the world gets the fundamental information needed to understand the basics of their own motorcycle’s suspension. With that information all can begin to understand why setting up a motorcycle chassis and suspension is critical to rider safety for every motorcycle produced.

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For track day riders and racers, Dave’s mission is to ensure that your race bike geometry, spring rates, hydraulic damping, gearing and tire size/compounds/pressures are in sync to get the most from your bike at any one track. This will involve attention to detail, methodical testing, accurate record keeping and regular servicing.

To that end, Dave offers multiple opportunities for teams and riders all over the world to benefit from his years of testing and tuning knowledge via the feelthetrack.com web site and/or by being present in person to offer 1-1 suspension tuning of your bike, 1-1 individual track day coaching, evening classes and seminars and team/individual video conferencing.

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